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Discover the perfect blend of comfort and convenience in our diverse range of apartments, from cozy studios to spacious three-bedrooms."Immerse yourself in the vibrant Shaker Heights community, with the city's finest shopping and dining just steps from your door. Join a fun and caring community where every resident is part of the Antastafae family, creating a harmonious and fulfilling living experience

About Us

Antastafae Shaker Heights is at the forefront of providing exceptional living experiences in the heart of Shaker Heights, Ohio. With six unique apartment buildings, each offering a distinct mix of amenities and layouts, we cater to a diverse range of lifestyles and preferences. Our commitment to fostering a vibrant, family-friendly community reflects in every aspect of our management, ensuring that every resident feels truly at home

Our Communities

Finding Quality Housing within Budget

Our comprehensive Historic Property Preservation services encompass meticulous research, architectural conservation, and expert craftsmanship. Whether your historic property requires delicate restoration of intricate details, structural stabilization.

Proximity to Local Amenities and Services

Convenience is key. Prospects are looking for housing that is close to essential services like shopping, dining, and public transportation. Being near to local attractions and community hubs like Van Aken Hall is also a significant draw.

Community and Social Engagement

Many prospects, especially families and young professionals, are seeking a sense of community. They want to live in an environment where they can form connections, engage in social activities, and feel a part of a larger, supportive community.

Suitable Living Options for Diverse Needs

Prospects have varying needs based on their family size, lifestyle, and personal preferences. They are looking for a community that offers a range of options, from studios to larger family apartments, ensuring they find a space that aligns with their specific requirements

Mike Rob !!

I just wanted to take the time to give our maintenance team a really huge thank you, We really appreciate your service and your dedication. I also want to give another huge Thank You to Val You are amazing and you deserve to be praised for all of your hard work it’s not a day I don’t see you on the grounds helping keep all of the units together

Nathan Fay

Rent is affordable, staff have always been kind and responsive, and I have to give a special shoutout to the maintenance staff who in my 4 years living here, have responded same-day, or even in minutes, to any issues I might have. 5/5 stars


How do you handle tenant screening?

Tenant screening is a crucial part of our property management process. We conduct thorough background checks, including credit history, rental history, income verification, and criminal background checks. Our goal is to ensure that we place reliable, responsible members into our community.

What is your pet policy

We love pets so no worries there. For each of your pets there

is a small pet fee that will be charged monthly. Make sure to

ask us about this when you schedule your showing

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How does parking work?

In all 6 of our buildings, we have indoor garage parking spots. This is great to keep you dry and warm when you are getting into and out of your car in your new home,

How do you handle maintenance and repairs?

We take a proactive approach to maintenance and repairs. Our team conducts regular property inspections to identify any issues before they become major problems. For service calls, we have a digital portal where you can enter in the issue and then our team will address the concern within 24 hours We do have an onsite service team that are available 24 hours a day. In addition to our in-house service team, we also have a network of trusted contractors and service providers who can quickly address issues.

How do I qualify to live here?

Income Verification: We start by confirming your monthly income is at least three times the rent. This helps us ensure that you’re comfortable and stress-free when managing rent payments.

Background Check: Next, we conduct a background check using our advanced property management software. Don't worry, it’s just a routine step! This check generates what we call a 'risk score,' which helps us understand more about our potential residents.

The whole process typically wraps up within a day or so. Depending on the background check results, we might reach out for a bit more information.Our team is here to guide you every step of the way. If you have any questions or need assistance, don't hesitate to reach out. We're excited to welcome you to our community!

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How do the utilities work?

At Antastafae Shaker Heights , we offer a unique living experience in each of our six distinct buildings.

The utility arrangements vary based on what building you choose

We do have all Inclusive Options: For ultimate convenience, some buildings feature an all-inclusive pricing model where all utilities are bundled together and then added to the base rent. It's hassle-free and perfect for those who prefer a single, straightforward payment.

In other buildings, utilities like electricity would be placed in your name. and the other utilities are bundled together and added to the base rent

We understand that choosing the right apartment is about finding the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

When you schedule a tour with us, we’ll dive into the specifics of each building. This way, you can make an informed decision about which environment aligns best with your preferences and needs.

We’re excited to show you around and help you find your ideal home at Shaker Heights Apartments!

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Where are the buildings located?

Nestled in the picturesque Shaker Heights, our six beautifully crafted buildings each offer their unique charm and character.Heart of Convenience:

Five of our buildings are ideally situated near the bustling Van Aken District, offering an urban lifestyle at your doorstep. Imagine living just a stone's throw from the dynamic mix of shops, eateries, and entertainment that this area is famous for! The key intersection of Warrensville Center and Chagrin Blvd places you right at the pulse of the neighborhood.

A Scenic Spot on Van Aken Blvd: Our sixth building, a gem in its own right, sits gracefully along Van Aken Blvd, just past Lee Road. This location merges the tranquility of a residential area with the convenience of urban living, all within the beloved Shaker Heights community.

Each location offers its unique blend of style, convenience, and community. We invite you to explore these distinct places and find the one that feels like home to you. Schedule a visit and experience first-hand the diverse atmospheres our buildings have to offer!

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